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    Advertise for Pennies!

    Increase Your Visibility and Gain More Clients by Advertising in Real places To Real People. The Bess Ads creates, develops and promotes local advertisement for businesses and individuals for just $.80 cents per day / $25 per month!

    “An Innovative Approach to Advertising”

    The Dual Screen Advertisement for Client & Host


    Placing billboard ads in targeted locations is the fastest way to reach consumers. Indoor Digital Billboards, like their large counterparts, silently shout brand identity, product placement, and a message of ‘buy now for the best deal of a lifetime!’

    Indoor Digital Advertising provides you with everything from a broad-based Ad presence, to very tightly controlled demographic-specific displays. You can use it as a supplement to work hand-in-hand with print or any other form of advertising.

    Each advertising spot is fifteen seconds long. Ads run for the length of your contract on the network of your choice.

    Each advertisement is RSS fed through the internet on randomly placed social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Each advertisement is broadcast on the internet through keyword searches.